Family Business Ad Critique: LavAzza

Family Business Ad Critique: LavAzza

LavAzza History 
LavAzza is an Italian coffee manufacturer founded in 1985 by Luigi Lavazza. The coffee company pioneered blending coffee beans for a supreme taste and aroma, and today is one of the largest roasters and distributors through retail outlets and online. Less well known in America, LavAzza is currently concentrating sales efforts in the western United States. The company is administered by the third and fourth generation of the LaVazza family. Read more about the company’s history on its website.

Ad Critique 


According to this ad, the LavAzza family puts “heart and soul” into the 119-year-old company based in Turin, Italy. Since it specifically mentions the year the company was formed and the family name, we gave this ad 4 stars for portraying the family message and 4 stars for family values. The design of this ad is very attention getting and visually pleasing so we awarded it a perfect 5 stars in that category.

In the copy of the ad, it mentions LavAzza creates the perfect balance of taste and aroma and is “artfully blended, rich in body and filled with Italian Passion in every cup.” It also highlights the fact that it is available in the popular K-Cups. Because of this, we feel that the ad does a good job of showcasing the benefits of this brand so we gave it 4 stars for feature benefits. It also has a very strong call to action with the QR code and the words “Shop Now” right underneath it. Overall we think this is a fantastic ad that not only showcases the family business aspect, but also makes the brand very appealing.

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